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Here you find old school games,
you can enjoy Bite Huwe Din here. Yes lot of fun of old days.
These are graphic mode games for Windows xp/7 Operating System.

Simple number puzzle. You have to create sequence in minimum time.
Very good time pass. Simply shuffle it and play it.

Its a combat game.
You have to collect james.
Lot of enemy try to destroy you.
Multiplayer game. Three players can play at a time, one player choose his role as destroyer.
Lot of destructors comes from sky to destroy you. You have to skip them and collect twinkling james.


Here you can find old school games, you can enjoy old days here.
Yes lot of fun of old days. These are text mode games for DOS Operating System.

Also known as snake game. Play infinite levels.
From command progmt or RUN window type:
c:\games\zigzag <level number>
to play.
Zigzag Snake game

Simple number puzzle you have to solve in minimum time.
Puzzle game, Shuffle
Shuffle it and solve it. Arrange all numbers in sequence, 1 to 24,
One empty space provide to you to arrange.

Childs play. Hit onging object. Use arrow keys / cursor keys to play.
You have to hit 20 targets, and you has 10 lifelines.
Arch game